Saudi Ministry of Health

Rise Hub, with its various services, does not only target cooperation and companies, but also we are keen to expand to lead awareness development campaigns for ministries and government institutions, such as the Saudi Ministry of Health, out of our concern for the importance of the citizen in the first place, including the campaign (Our goal says are gone) that targeted 100 thousand smokers In the city of Al-Ahsa, Saudi Arabia, and toured throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Advertising with us pays off, it is not just an advertisement, it is an effective tool like a magic wand, so do not hesitate to request advertising services and advertising with us now.

Creating ad campaigns

Humanitarian initiatives in order to reach those who deserve them must be promoted in all forms and types, whether through articles, electronic advertisements, television advertisements, and other forms of advertising that target the largest group of the general population.

Writing exclusive creative content

The positive word has an indelible effect, when promoting your awareness campaign, choose who will make a difference, as the word alone differentiates in influencing the results achieved by the entire campaign.

Graphic design services

The different shape catches the eye, and the creative gesture touches the mind, with ideas that suit the target group perfectly. We make graphic designs and animated videos to communicate your message in many possible ways.

SEO and advertising services

Reaching the largest possible number of the segment that you are targeting is the goal of any development initiative, so the promotion has been made to cover all parts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with every young man and girl in it.

The Rise Hub team conducted a comprehensive advertising campaign (writing content, graphic design and marketing for the campaign in all social media platforms and search engines, as the campaign included planning a training program to qualify health care management personnel to help the target audience to quit smoking, by talking about curative and preventive services, A large number of articles have been written for awareness-raising social media sites about the danger of smoking, comparisons between the lung of a smoker and the lung of a non-smoker, and the impact on one’s general health, and the graphic design of advertisements to be attractive to the target audiences.

As for the popularity of the campaign, a professional strategy has been prepared for the entire campaign, which included targeting smokers, teenage children, young adults and elderly people smoking with 80 cigarettes a day, to clarify the danger of smoking with realistic numbers and data to convince them. Smokers Within a month, we made funded ads for the campaign in search engines that spread quickly and reached thousands of Saudis. We reached a rate of response and interaction with the campaign that was good to the extent that 280 reviewers of their clinic in Azizia health were convinced to continue the smoking cessation program out of 390 since the beginning of the campaign.

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