Saudi German Hospital

The Saudi German Hospital branch chain has recently become the largest chain of hospital branches to provide health care services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the most famous, as the team of our company, Raise Hub, put a summary of years of experience and competence in creating a marketing strategy for the site that transferred the state of the site from scratch until The first result appears in the search engines.

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Website strategy

Based on the study of all dimensions of the hospital with its competitors in the Kingdom, and the focus of the task of monitoring marketing activities, this led to determining the method of highlighting the hospital's services and achieving balance between the hospital and its branches in its different environments.

Content writing services

Because the word has an impact, thousands of articles have been written in line with the SEO standards talking about the hospital, its services, doctors and their efficiency, which guarantees access to all its clients.

Graphic design and motion services

We create many article designs and animated videos to advertise the hospital on the site, and on all its social media pages, which contributed to clarifying the medical information you provide.

SEO services

A complete strategy was made for the site, competitors were studied, and the most important keywords studied, and work to achieve the goal of being the top of search engines and making Saudi German the highest in the list of hospitals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

We have written thousands of medical articles covering all medical fields and all departments and branches to highlight the efforts of doctors and medical staff in the hospital and meet the requirements and standards of SEO, after the site contained a medical blog with 60 articles related to the medical field in general. the hospital’s home page contained a simple insufficient summary to express the extent of the efforts exerted by the medical staff, and a comprehensive profile for all aspects of the hospital was reformulated as well (the vision and mission of the hospital – the word of a hospital member – the word of the chairman of the board of directors).

SEO services, an analytical strategy for the site and the competing sites was made, which promoted the site from scratch. It worked on a targeted list of more than 350 keywords and ranked first in the first results of search engines. By analyzing the SEO results, we concluded that the Saudi German Hospital website reached 98% of the total Organic Search in the Kingdom. And from the rate of visits to the site, it increased from a weak rate of 293,079 visits to 1,188,000 visits, which is more than the number of visits since our team worked on it. The rate of visits is increasing at an average rate of 171,000 per month.

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