Dar alkhalij Economic Consulting

The company specialized in the field of economic consulting and seriously has become the first company in the Gulf and the Arab world as a whole that major businessmen and investors turn to obtain feasibility studies. In keywords that are related to the field of economic consulting.

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Preparing the site strategy

Analytical strategies were made based on studies of the highest quality to deliver the company's services to that segment, and these strategies included all aspects of the site that rose to it in the first results of search engines.

Content writing services

Writing articles compatible with SEO standards, to lead faster in results for your site, and the strategies that our team followed, based on technical analyzes, contributed to achieving the best results.

Graphic design and motion graphics services

Creativity arises from the idea, as the more distinctive the idea, the better its results. In Raise Hub we generate from ideas creative designs that professionally present and highlight all the features of your product / services.

SEO services

The work on the site was based on a comprehensive strategy for the state of the site and the sites of the competing companies in the labor market, and determining the category that should be targeted, and the results contributed to the top of the search results.

We provided exclusive content and comprehensive articles for the economic field characterized by articles that meet the SEO criteria about the feasibility study with its objectives, importance, the impact of the feasibility study work on the project, and the comprehensive study of all aspects of the project. And writing miniature models on the investment solutions provided by the company in all fields, containing some data about the project and the importance of a comprehensive feasibility study that includes accurate information. And design the visual identity of the company, and the work of professional designs for each article in the blog of the site. He made a technical presentation, a profile of the company, its services and customer opinions.

SEO services have reached high reports as the number of appearances in search results through SEO is 135 thousand times. By analyzing the results of the SEO, we concluded that Khalij house Economic Consulting reached the results of the SEO search at a rate of 70% of the total Organic Search. It leads the various search engines, with many keywords related to the field of feasibility studies and economic consultations.

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