Ertikaa company for feasibility studies

Ertikaa Company or Investment Solutions and Investment Services, which has recently become one of the largest feasibility studies and economic consulting firms, and in fruitful cooperation with our company, Rise Hub, we received the company’s website since its inception and began to work on it and put it on the first road until it became a sign of planning and reached major investors in the Gulf as it became The destination of the most important businessmen in the Arab world.

With us you will see your site on the first page of the search engine results, order now SEO services and enjoy a professional start.

Preparing a website strategy

The strategy works to deliver the site to the largest number of investors, based on a complete strategy with the most influential keywords in the field and promoting the site in all strong sites with those words.

Writing content for the website

Writing content is one of the most important services that work to make the site visible in the search engines, because it works to improve its ranking in the results, by being written in line with the SEO standards.

Creating a design for the site

Creating a good visual identity, creating high-quality designs for every article on the site and all designs and infographics related to the feasibility study, its contents, and files that need designs, to make the study more clear to the client

SEO services

We create analytical strategies on the site and provide a monthly report, to include a comprehensive analysis of the site and a detailed report on competitors, and work to bridge any gap that serves the company's competitors, and to achieve results that exceed their expectations.

Through website content writing services, the team has written hundreds of articles in the field of economic consulting, and with our efforts, we have been able to work on showing the company’s services and introducing the feasibility study and the extent of its importance to projects that are compatible with SEO standards. These articles and study samples were published and promoted, and appropriate advertising designs were created for each by a professional team of graphic designers. A profile was prepared on the company, including all the information about it from (the vision and mission of the hospital) to the common questions and terms of contracts, and a description of all sections of the economic feasibility study was included.

As for SEO services, we are the largest SEO specialist in the Arab world, with the testimony of reports that prove our work on the 350-word list of targeted keywords in the field of economic consulting. And by analyzing the SEO results, it was found that the site reached 536 thousand impressions in the search results through SEO. Thousands of backlinks were created in various powerful sites, which strengthened its reliability in search engines. By analyzing the results of the SEO, we concluded that Ertikaa’s site for feasibility studies reached 90.2% of the total of Organic Search, and the percentage is always increasing.

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