Terms and conditions

To build a close relationship of trust between you and us, these terms and conditions represent a formal agreement and contract between Rise Hub and the site’s users. These user terms govern your use of the RiseHub website, which is a website that provides marketing content writing services, website management, branding services, designs, ad management, social media documentation and SEO services.

Accordingly, you can not use the site if you do not agree to the terms and conditions stated in this contract. Rise Hub also reserves the right to amend or change these terms and conditions without prior notice, and it is your responsibility as a user of the site to review the terms and conditions of use periodically to see updates to the terms and conditions.

Eligibility for services:

You acknowledge and warrant the following:

  • That your use of Rise Hub services has never been suspended or prevented from using it at any time.
  • You are not a competitor to RiseHub, nor do you offer any product that competes with the services provided by RiseHub.
  • You have full force and authority to contract and by doing so you will not be in breach of any law or contract.

Pledges and guarantees

  • You represent and warrant that you will:
  • Compling with all applicable laws and regulations in the United Arab Emirates.
  • you provide correct and accurate information to Rise Hub about the required services and the company to which those services are to be performed, and updates it periodically.
  • You shall review and comply with any notices sent through RiseHub regarding your use of the services provided by the RiseHub website.
  • You will not sub-licenses, issue, publish, transfer, distribute, implement, display, sell, or reclassify RiseHub services, otherwise you may have transferred the service or exploited it commercially, except as permitted Under this contract.
  • You will not use the information, content or any data that you access or obtain through the Rise Hub services – for any other purpose except for personal use, and you will use the website and the service exclusively for your own purposes and will not sell it to any third party.
  • You will use the service or website for legitimate purposes only, and you will not use the services to send or store any illegal materials or for fraud.
  • You will not use the Service or the Website to harm, harass, or annoy anyone.
  • you will not impede the proper operation of the RiseHub site.
  • You will not attempt to harm the service or the website in any way.
  • You will not copy, distribute or resell the website services provided to you or the other content without the written permission of Rise Hub.
  • You will maintain the password for your account or any other identification we provide to you and allow access to your account, securely and confidentially.
  • You will provide us with all evidence proving your identity at Rise Hub’s sole discretion.
  • You will only use Wi-Fi devices or a 3G data account.
  • Choosing the service and related to determining the type and location of the project, etc. is a personal decision for you, and Rise Hub does not bear any responsibility for the consequences of this choice.
  • The competent authorities bear the responsibility to be aware of the technical requirements and any change that occurs to them, and he must be aware of this and bear its consequences during the implementation of the project.
  • You undertake to know that the services provided to you through Rise Hub are not returned or replaced, and only in the event of errors can a free amendment be made if the amendment is requested within a period of (15 days) from the date of sending the request by e-mail.

Rise Hub undertakes:

  • The services provided by Rise Hub are not designated or approved for financing unless they contain an official company seal.
  • Rise Hub has the right to refuse to provide the service or use the website without giving reasons.

Intellectual property rights

  • All intellectual property rights for these services and all materials related to them or appearing on them (including any content you provide or include) are property of Rise Hub. You must not reproduce or allow any person, for any reason, to use or reproduce the services or any trademarks or other trade names that appear in the services.


  • Rise Hub reserves the right to impose new fees / prices for the use of the site or the service or both. If Rise Hub decides to impose new fees / rates, you must pay for the service in advance before sending it to you.
  • Rise Hub may amend or update this from time to time. It is your responsibility to stay aware of the current prices of the services provided, and in the event of a change, the customer is entitled to a refund as long as he does not receive the product.
  • The prices of the services are as they are at the time of the request and any change or reduction after the order does not change the purchase agreement and the buyer is not entitled to claim any amount.
  • You must pay the value of the services in advance to the service provider in cash or by bank transfer to his account. You are solely responsible for paying all fees on time. You acknowledge that any amount paid cannot be recovered.
  • If you request a certified printed copy, you bear the value of shipping and any modification of any shipment, in addition to the value of any loss or damage that may be exposed to the shipment.

Contract termination

  • The contract between you and RiseHub is indefinite. You have the right to terminate the contract at any time by permanently deleting the website installed on your smartphone, thereby disrupting your use of the website and the service. You may close your user account at any time.
  • Rise Hub has the right to terminate the contract with immediate effect at any time (by suspending your use of the website and the service), in case you do any of the following:

Violate or breach any of the terms of the user,

  • If RiseHub believes that you are misusing the website or service. Rise Hub is not obligated to send prior notice of contract termination.
  • In the event that there is any invalid provision in the terms of the present user or the existence of an unacceptable provision in certain circumstances in accordance with the criteria of reasonableness and fairness and to this extent only, it shall be substituted between the two parties by a provision that is acceptable in consideration of all circumstances and is consistent with the provisions of the void condition as much as possible, taking into account the content of the terms Present user and its purpose.

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