Privacy policy

These conditions are a simple definition of the policy of dealing between our company, Rise Hub and the customer, and an emphasis on each party with what it has and what is on it, so it is like concluding a preliminary contract between our company Rise Hub and you, if you agree to the following conditions, you will have taken the first step towards achieving your goal.

First: Regarding the rights of Rise Hub for digital marketing services:

Through our submission of content with an intellectual and creative content, it must be noted that all content and services that are provided through Rise Hub are protected by all intellectual property rights, and no one has the right to quote, copy, publish or use any of the materials that we provide by any means Electronic or paper only after referring to us and obtaining written approval from Rise Hub officials. We always welcome visitors to our site, and we hope that we will meet their expectations of the content included on the site, but we do not allow the transfer, copying or quotation of the contents of our site without our permission, and whoever does that exposes himself to legal accountability.

Second: Concerning the confidentiality of information provided by customers and visitors to the site:

We have created the company and the website to help you reach your goals and provide marketing services with professional quality and record time, and the customer has the right to browse our site without registering his data, but he will not get our multiple services except by registering with us, so we are committed to the privacy of the information that we request from the customer of all kinds, regardless of email or phone numbers Or credit cards or any information related to his company, which is provided of his own free will, and we are keen on its confidentiality, and it will not be disclosed or used except with his reference and consent to that, and his information will not be sold to any third party or simply made available.

Third: With regard to data that is automatically recorded upon your visit to the site

Our server saves any visit to the site with its date, time, time of the visitor staying on the site, the pages he visited, the links that he entered through us, and the server also records the type of browser you use and the address of the sites that you moved through to us, only. Regarding the personal data, the customer gives it to us upon our agreement to provide any of our services.

Fourth: The relationship of our site with advertisements for other sites on the Internet

Any links or advertisements to other sites on our site. We are not responsible for any data or information about you that is collected through those sites. You should review the privacy policy of those sites first before giving any data about you.

Fifth: Rise Hub website and amending these terms

We have the right to amend any of the terms of these terms of this agreement without referring to you, but all modifications will be listed on this page and you can follow and learn about them and in all cases your data and information are safe.

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