Social media, the first portal for e-marketing

Social media, the first portal for e-marketing

Social media sites are full of users from all sides, as users tend to use social media sites for communication due to the lack of time and difficulty in moving due to the pressures of life, and we find some age groups such as young people, using social media for entertainment, so we find that communication sites are a fertile environment full of For all age groups, you can market for your products or services that you want to provide, so there are many rules that you must follow in order to ensure the achievement of the goals you want, including:

1- Put the right content in the right place

There are many social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, so you must put all the content in the place that suits it, for example, we find that short articles are the ideal place in which you can reap what you are shopping for is Facebook, while the content Which contains (pictures), its best window that achieves popularity through it is Instagram, but if the content that you want to market through (video) this depends on the time period of the video, if it is short, it can be published on Facebook, but if it is long The optimal window for it is YouTube.

2- Make your content attractive and unique

Social media marketing differs from other marketing methods, doubt and content, you must make your content attractive in order for users of these sites to be attracted to it because there are a lot of ads that users encounter every day, so attractive content that can only be attracted, and decorate your content with the visual effects that It is more eye-catching.

3- Analysis

When publishing marketing content on social media, you need all the time to analyze performance, all the time to know the achievements that have been achieved through your marketing campaign, and to identify the deficiencies or defects that prevented them from achieving the appropriate return through them and social media provides a lot of The tools that enable you

From analyzing results, and there are tools that enable you to deeply analyze and compare results, namely (Buffer Analyze).

4- Monitor competitors

Monitoring competitors is one of the important steps that make the marketing process very successful, as monitoring competitors makes you depend on all the weaknesses and strengths that exist at all of your competitors, which means that you can provide strengths and eliminate all weaknesses.

5- Build your audience

Building a loyal base for you is one of the ways you take into account when using social media, as building your audience is a big gain, as it saves promotional advertising money that middle and emerging companies suffer from as their prices increase every day, and you can market to your audience The product is more than once, and the best features it provides to you is that it is free advertising, for you through many options that are available on social networking sites, such as posts.


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