Learn the most important SEO tools and how you can use them?

Learn the most important SEO tools and how you can use them?

SEO is a constant concern of all SEO professionals, especially as it is in a state of constant updates that help develop websites and lead search engines. Here, you will get to know the important tools that will help you in SEO.

Therefore, many important tools have been identified that help you to learn about competing websites and learn about their performance and the keywords that are used, all of this is determined by these important tools.

The most prominent tools that are used for SEO are the following:

First, SPY FU:

One of the important tools that helps you to know many details related to the website you own as well as the competing websites where the site can help you in the following:

  • Keyword management.
  • Specifying reports that help you understand how much engagement you have with keywords.
  • Offering you many proposals for ideas and competitors’ products.
  • Analyzing your competitors by measuring the size of the ads.
  • Determining the most appropriate method for building profitable ads.
  • The tool has a set of archived links that help it properly SEO.

Second, YOAST SEO:

One of the most popular tools that are used in the SEO process, especially since this tool is called another name, WordPress, which is interested in clarifying many of the details related to the site, as follows:

  • Determining the title of the article.
  • Defining meta tags.
  • Key words and their compatibility with the article.
  • The exact description of the article.
  • Defining subheadings and headlines.
  • Helping you mention more than one keyword in the same article.


This is one of the most important tools that show you the many important aspects of your website or competing sites.

  • This tool helps you compare sites and words that change.
  • Following up the latest keywords, moment by moment.
  • It helps you localize search results according to a number of languages.
  • Interested in news releases made by Google’s algorithms as soon as they are published.

This is a set of important tools that help SEO professionals in analyzing websites, learn about the performance of sites, as well as learn about the performance of competitors’ sites through the use of these tools.


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