How do you start writing your first article? Find out the most important steps

How do you start writing your first article? Find out the most important steps

Writing articles is one of the most effective marketing strategies for a business. It is based on strong studies and analyzes of the market and competitors, so it targets the audience directly, and if it is effective and meets all the standards of SEO, search engines promote it and export it in the most important results on the first page, meaning that the article is one of the most important sections of marketing. Writing your first essay is always more difficult, but once you get used to the steps for writing content, you will find the writing more satisfying and interesting.


  • It’s FREE: Website and online media owners are in desperate need of content and are willing to publish your unique, quality and relevant article on their site.
  • Puts you ahead of other corporate markets: The appearance of your content on other websites draws your attention to your business.
  • Builds Credibility: The appearance of your material on other owners’ sites indicates that you are an expert.


  • It takes time not only to write the article but also to reach the audience is more difficult.
  • You cannot control when your article will run: There is no guarantee that the people who have read the article will search for your work. The best way to get readers to verify your business is with a quality article and promote your main appeal on your resume.


  • Do not wait for the idea to come to you, inspiration does not come without seeking. Don’t you think you can write? You are wrong, because you can, the most important step in essay writing is to get started.
  • Grab a piece of paper or sit in front of the computer: you should be able to jot down the main ideas. At this point, your goal is to gather ideas and write a first draft.
  • Pick a topic: Don’t just think about what you know. Instead, think about what people want to know about your business.
  • List the main points you want to cover in the topic: This list can become subheadings for the topics in the article.
  • Fill in the key points with key concepts: Write down the information your readers need to know about the key points.
  • Let the article sit for an hour or a day: Then read and review it to materialize your ideas, clarify your concepts, and clean up mistakes.
  • Write an interesting resume: your audience will trust it.
  • When it’s ready, pitch your article idea: Transfer it to blogs, websites, or other media sources targeting the same market you are targeting.

Tips for Effective Writing

  • Write a good article that solves a problem or provides value: if you can communicate it to them, they’ll want to know more about you. Present the information in a way that allows readers to visualize the outcome if they take action on your thoughts.
  • Write articles in Conversation Mode: You don’t want to be completely casual, but you do want to look friendly, attractive, and friendly. Answer the readers’ question: “Why should people care what you say?”
  • Write succinctly: Every word should fit right in, especially your headlines. Language cannot be boring and cruel. Keep the essay interesting, short, and to the point.
  • Keep it simple: write in simple language. You want your articles to be full of information and content, but with words, the average person can understand.
  • Uses: “you” in marketing, that’s the most important word. Remember, you want people to communicate personally with what you say.
  • Get organized: Your essay should be flowing and easy to consume. Use paragraph breaks, bold type, numbers, or lists to divide your content into easy-to-understand chunks.


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